Team Skylark

From left to right: Elissa Doolittle (Defender), Fantine Valjean (Forward), and Jessica Darlin (Midfielder)

Description Edit

Originating from France, Team Skylark is one of the six teams in the IG1 during both season 1 and 2. It is unique from the others in that it is the only team made up of entirely women.

The pilots are

  • Fantine Valjean-Forward
  • Jessica Darlin-Midfielder
  • Elissa Doolittle-Defender

Mechs Edit

All three of Skylark's mechs share identical designs, save for the head adornments and color schemes. They each wield a pair of arms that can fold out and extend, allowing for fast striking from a distance. The designs for the mechs is also very sleek and round compared to other teams', giving them the ability to make more use of their drafting skills.

The downsides to the mechs is that they can overheat easily, as Fantine's mech did such when she fought Takeshi alone during season 1. Another problem they face is that the mechs have no other resources to use, such as the wires of Edgeraid, or the flails of Sledgemama.

Abilities Edit

Skylark is a team that, despite their "feminine appearance," focuses on high-speed aggression and drafting. Their mechs' were designed to make the most of these two themes, as the similar builds allow them to abuse drafting to its fullest. The extendable arms allow Skylark to deal damage from short- to mid-range at incredible speeds. The speeds are so great that they can become hard to follow and can easily become an overwhelming force.

Trivia Edit

  • Skylark's mechs are the only mechs, besides Black Egg, to feature different color schemes (Fantine:Sky Blue, Jessica:Pink, and Elissa:Yellow). This was likely done to help each mech stand out due to their similar frames.