Takeshi Jin (武ジン, タケシ・ジンノ) is the main protagonist in IGPX and the forward in Team Satomi.


Takeshi is a cocky, somewhat arrogant, yet laid back, determined racer who lets his fame get to his head. His other teammates (especially Liz) normally berate him for such things. However he is able to keep a clear head by playing a video games. As the series progresses he "grows up" and becomes more mature. He has a normal family life and he has a crush on Liz (who feels the same way).


Takeshi is a slim 15 year old who normally wears a red and orange jacket with beige jeans and a blue undershirt. Part of his hair tends to stick up often.


Elizabeth "Liz" RicarroEdit


Liz and Takeshi kiss.

Liz is very annoyed with Takeshi for his brash attitude and while Takeshi has a grudging respect for Liz, he also doesn't seem to be able to take her seriously most of the time. Takeshi often thought of Liz as his friendly rival She scolded him for not being "honest" about his feelings for her. Near the end of the series they confess their love for each other.

Amy StapletonEdit

Amy and Takeshi don't normally socialize, but are normally seen walking together.

River MarqueEdit

River has a strong dislike for Takeshi early on, due mostly to the fact that he doesn't get to race. He often get in Takeshi's face and (like Liz) scolds him for his attitude. River one day wishes to properly race Takeshi, so he left Team Satomi to race him in a friendly rivalry.

Yuri JinEdit

As his sister she often annoys him, but he has his mind else where normally.

Takeshi Jin
Takeshi Jin
First Appearance Time to Shine
Age 15
Nationality Japanese
Height 169cm
Weight 56kg
Hobbies Playing Video Games, Practicing Kendo,
Team Team Satomi
Personal Status
Relatives Yuri Jin
Voice Actor
Japanese Kozo Mito
English Haley Joel Osment