Amy Stapleton (エイミー・ステイプルトン Eimī Suteipuruton) is the midfielder and battle tactician of Team Satomi.


Amy is quiet, shy and unassuming. She often patches up things between her other team mates, but this sweet and soft nature shadows her respectable combat abilities.


A child prodigy, Amy is Team Satomi's midfielder and battle tactician. She, being the physically weakest of the team, synchronizes with her cybernetically enhanced calico cat, Luca (ルカ Ruka?) (Vanilla Yamazaki, Kari Wahlgren), to form a composite personality during IGPX Races. Quiet and sympathetic, Amy will often patch up conflicts between other team members, but her sweetness belies her considerable combat abilities. In season 2, Amy is injured in Team Satomi's race against Team White Snow. Andrei replaces her for both the Team Velshtein vs. Team Satomi and Team Skylark vs. Team Satomi matches. Throughout the series, only Amy could hear Luca's 'voice' while racing with him in her mech. However, at the end of the series, at the beginning of Satomi's first race of the 2051 racing season, it is revealed that all members of Team Satomi can hear his voice if Luca chooses to. In episode 4, "The Ghost", it is revealed that Amy dearly misses her parents, who are always out on business, and was often lonely as a result. This lonliness and prodigious mind gave her the perfect drive and brain for joining IGPX.


At just 5 foot 4 (166 cm) and 94.7 pounds (43 kg), Amy is the shortest and lightest human member of her team, leaving her with a very thin build. Her spotless light complexion, round jaw, sharp chin, and youthful features give her a much younger look than most characters despite being close in age to her more mature-looking teammates. She has light blue eyes paired with long full golden hair, unevenly fringed bangs, and two shoulder-length hair pieces covering her ears.


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Amy Stapleton
First Appearance Time to Shine
Age 14
Nationality Irish
Height 166cm
Weight 43kg
Team Team Satomi
Personal Status
Voice Actor
Japanese Walch
English Ono